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1 Laboratory manual of plant taxonomy Subrahmanyam,N S 578 Main Campus Botany BOT-124
2 The research students guide to success Cryer,Pat 001 Main Campus Botany BOT-66
3 Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Britannica 032 Main Campus Botany BOT-136 45619
4 Advanced Learner,s Dictionary of Botany Botany--Dictionaries Anmol Publications pvt 580.3 Main Campus Botany BOT-396 84570
5 Alcamo,s fundamentals of microbiology Jeffrey C Pommerville 579 Main Campus Botany BOT-126
6 Fungi(Botany for Degree Students) Fungi Vashishta,P C 579.5 Main Campus Botany BOT-1537 57262
7 Dictionary of botany Grewal,R C 580.03 Main Campus Botany BOT-417
8 DNA Sequencing Optimizing the Process and Analysis Nucleotide Sequenc-Methodology KIeleczawa,Jan 572.8633 Main Campus Botany BOT-1343 83069
9 Dictionary of Ecology Ecology--Dictionaries Allaby,Michael 577.03 Main Campus Botany BOT-321 84534
10 Oxford Dictionary of Plant Sciences PLant Sciencs--Dictionaries Allaby,Michael 580.3 Main Campus Botany BOT-322 84566
11 Oxford Dictionary of Weights Measures and Units Weighs,Measures and Units--Dictionaries Fenna,Donald 580.3 Main Campus Botany BOT-319 84565
12 An introduction to Embryology Embrology Balinsky,B I 571.86 Main Campus Botany BOT-150 84609
13 Water Supply and Pollution Control Water Suppl-Management Viessman, Warren 628.1 Main Campus Botany BOT-283 82867
14 Botany : An Introduction to Plant Biology Botany Mauseth, James D. 580 Main Campus Botany BOT-1594 84553
15 Palaeobotany and Plant Evolution Plants-Evolution Hussain, Iqbal 581.3 Main Campus Botany BOT-1617 83006
16 An Introduction to Botany Botany Pillai, Vimlesh 580 Main Campus Botany BOT-1591 83436
17 Plant Conservation Plant Conversation Hamilton, Alan 333.95 Main Campus Botany BOT-1623 83329
18 Esau,s Plant Anatomy Plant Anatomy Evert, Ray F. 571.32 Main Campus Botany BOT-1609 83208
19 Biodiversity & Conservation Biodivrsity Kumar, Arvind 333.9516 Main Campus Botany BOT-1634 66572
20 Methods in Plant Molecular Biology Plant Molecular Biology Schuler, Mary A. 572.82 Main Campus Botany BOT-1615 83058
21 Herbal Toxicology Herbal Toxicology Sarkar, Amita 571.95 Main Campus Botany BOT-1613 83396
22 Plant Biodiversity Plant Biodiversity Chaturvedi, S. N. 333.95 Main Campus Botany BOT-1622 82994
23 Plant Tissue Culture Mannual Plant Tissue Culture--Laboratory Manuals Lindsey, K. 581.0724 Main Campus Botany BOT-1626 84519
24 Fungi Biotechnology Fungi-Biotechnology Prakash, Anil 579.5 Main Campus Botany BOT-1612 83259
25 Encyclopedia of Algae Encyclopedias-Algae Bagulia, A. M. 579.803 Main Campus Botany BOT-1603 84505
Sr. Title Subject Author DDC# Campus Library Acc Department Acc Main
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