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1 Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics,2nd Ed. Chiang,Alpha C. 330.1543 Main Campus Economics ECO-1177 34581
2 The Principles of Economic Palnning Economic Planning Lewisk,Arthur 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1137 28026
3 Modern Eocnomic Growth Economic Development Kuznets,Simon 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1173 45321
4 Growth and Inequality in Pakistan Economic Development Griffin,Keith 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1176 27808
5 Leading Issues in Economic Development Meier, Gerald 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1072
6 Growth and Development Economic Development Thirlwall,A.P 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1129 36843
7 The Economics of the Developing Countries Economic Development Myint,H 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1139 27850
8 Money Trade and Economic Growth Johnson, Harry 332.46 Main Campus Economics ECO-1624 35882
9 Alternative Approaches to Economic Planning Economic Planning Cave,Martin 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1261 35861
10 Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries Saving And Investment Nurkse,Ragnar 332.0415 Main Campus Economics ECO-1625 36893
11 The Growing Economy Economic Development Meade J.E 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1204 27819
12 The Economic Growth Debate Economic Development Mishan,E.J 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1265 27858
13 International Management and Economic Deveolpment Economic Development Richman, Barry 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1203 29333
14 معاشی منصوبہ بندی بحوالہ پاکستان Pakistan-Economic Policy حمید, شاھد 338.95491 Main Campus Economics ECO-1255 51512
15 Practical Guide to ISO 900 Quality Management System Management System Moosa,Kamran 658 Main Campus Economics ECO-1588 50476
16 Psychomotor Individualized Educational Programs Geddes,Dolores 371.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1589
17 Hunger and Public Action Food Supply-Govt Policy Developing Countries Dreze , Jean 363.8 Main Campus Economics ECO-1571
18 National Income and the Price Level income Bailey,Martin 339.4 Main Campus Economics ECO-1440 29339
19 Analysis of Poverty Reduction Poverty Dhawan,M.C. 362.5 Main Campus Economics ECO-1567 84187
20 Theory of Econometrics Econometrics Koutsoyiannis, A. 330.0151 Main Campus Economics ECO-1612 59200
21 The New Political Economy of Development Economic Development Dopfer,Kurt 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1231 27875
22 Education and Economic Production Economic Development-Effect of Education on Dean,Edwin 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1232 34518
23 Economic Growth and Structure Economic Development Kuznets,Simon 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1246 45320
24 Trends in Developing Economics 1990 Economic Development The World Bank 338.9 Main Campus Economics ECO-1197 45347
25 New Theories of the Multinational Enterprise International Business Enterprises Rugman,Alan 338.88 Main Campus Economics ECO-1237 29642
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