Library Rules

Note: The access to the Library is card-controlled. Visitors to the University should contact Librarian before their visit.


The following categories of members shall on application (in prescribed form) be permitted   to draw the books for use at home: -

  • Faculty members of the Government College University, Faisalabad.
  • Students of the University who have deposited Library Security.
  • Admin staff BS-17 and above and other permanent ministerial staff of the University.
  • Teachers/resource persons etc. deputed by Government College University Faisalabad for teaching/workshops.
  • Members of the syndicate of Government College University, Faisalabad.
  • Such other persons who are permitted for special reasons allowed in writing by the Vice Chancellor / Chief Librarian of Government College University, Faisalabad.

(Teachers and other staff serving on contract or such type of temporary categories can get books/Library materials on the library cards/accounts/Responsibility of permanent teachers/employees)


The following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each.



No. of Books

Loan Period(in days)







1 Book



BS (H)/Other Courses

2 Books




3 Books




4 Books



Faculty Members

4 Books



Admin Staff BS-17 & Above

2 Books



Ministerial Staff (Class III)

1 Book



Resource Person (s)

2 Books



Members of the Syndicate

2 Books



  1. Members desirous of using the library must get themselves registered by applying for Library membership on a form obtainable from the library.
  2. A card known as the “Library Card” will be issued to each of the person permitted to draw books from the library Such cards shall be strictly “non-transferable”, and shall have to be presented at the circulation counter at the time of drawing or returning books, etc. This card shall be surrendered at the time of obtaining roll no slip / clearance certificate on leaving the University.
  3. A Member, who loses his /her card, should at once inform the Chief Librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to him on payment of fee of Rs. 100/- Provided that no book(s) will be issued to a student / member unless he/she presents library card in person along with his University card or applies by post sending his/her card with the application.
  4. Any member sub-lending reading material from the library on his library card to any other person shall do so on his own responsibility.
  5. The Library card of all members other than those of University community shall be renewed every year.
  6. Books borrowed once may be issued again, provided they are not required by other members. Books will not be reissued more than twice. Books will have to be presented for re-issue. The Librarian may, on an application relax the conditions in genuine cases.
  7. A fine of rupees five (05) per volume per day will be incurred in case the books are retained longer than the period prescribed for each category of borrower. The fine will in all cases be calculated from the date on which the books should have been returned. Provided that in the case of textbooks, current periodicals and books issued with the special permission of the Librarian, the fine shall be two rupees per volume daily.
  8. Books prescribed by the Board of Studies, Government College University, Faisalabad for various examinations will not be issued without the special permission of the Chief Librarian. These when borrowed, must be returned within three days.
  9. Books for the summer vacation will be issued by special permission, and these must be returned as soon as the vacation is over.
  10. Rare books and manuscripts will be issued with the special permission of Librarian. The borrower shall have to execute a bond in the prescribed form.
  11. Books and other reading materials of the following description shall not be issued, but can be consulted in the library (except in special case e.g. classroom use of a teacher for a short period/photocopying purpose) only
    1. Reference material (i.e. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Atlases and the material marked ‘R’)
    2. Theses, Reports, Newspapers, Pamphlets, syllabus, act etc.
    3. Videocassettes, CDs, and other allied material.
    4. All unprocessed material.
    5. Current and bound periodicals/ Journals
    6. Multi volumes books.
    7. Books & other materials permanently or temporarily marked RESERVED
    8. Any other material assigned by the Chief Librarian.
    9. Books from personal collections.


  1. Book(s) lost, damaged, or mutilated in any way by a member shall have to be replaced or paid for as per local market price, If the book is not available and the current price cannot be determined from the local market, then the price will be charged as follows:
    1. Books up to 05 years old (Two times of the printed price)
    2. Books up to 10 years old (Three times of the printed price)
    3. Books up to 15 years old (Four times of the printed price)
    4. Books up to 25 years old (Five times of the printed price)
    5. Books more than 25 years old, the Librarian will decide the price keeping in view the current price of the book in the market.(The Librarian can not fix a price less than the five times of the printed price). The price of rare book (s) shall be decided by the Chief Librarian after getting the approval from the Vice Chancellor.
  2. The books paid for shall be written-off from the stock register.
  3. If books and other material borrowed from the library are not returned after the due date, two fort-nightly notices shall be issued, in case the books are not returned even after the second notice. Regulation 4(a) will be applied.
  4. Members shall not mutilate, or damage by writing or marking on pages, any books or publication, nor shall they trace or perform mechanical re-production of any material belonging to the library without formal permission of the Librarian. Violation of this rule shall require replacement of the damaged volume or payment of its price as specified under rule 4(a).
  5. If one volume of a set / series is damaged and it is not available separately, the whole set shall have to be replaced or paid for by the member as specified under rule 4(a).
  6. Following Rules 4(c) & 4(d) paying the cost of the book, the member may, if he/she so desires, retain the damaged books(s) or volumes for which the price has been recovered from him/her.
  7. Book(s) or other material lost or found lost on stock-taking shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor for write-off.
  8. If any member leaves the University without returning books borrowed from the library, the price of the books(s) will be adjusted against his security/dues with the University.


  1. No member shall be entitled to receive the funds (Pension, GP Fund etc.) in case of employees and degree certificate (in case of students) unless they produce “Clearance Certificate” from the Library.(In case of students other than first semester, shall get clearance from the library before the enrollment in the next semester.)
  2. Member(s), intending to obtain clearance, shall apply three days in advance so that the Library staff can properly check the record of the concerned member, obtain the price of the books lost by him/her, if any, as laid down in regulation 4(a)
  3. The employees shall not be allowed to proceed for higher studies or join other departments on deputation, etc, unless they obtain ‘Clearance Certificate’ from the Library.
  4. The University Authority will have the right to approach the Administration of the residential/Local area of the concerned member to take appropriate action for the recovery of Library books or cost of books, in case the member leaves the University without returning the Library assets, without prejudice to any other legal remedy.


  1. Physical verification of the library holdings purchased during the previous year shall be carried out every year after the end of financial year.
  2. The library reading halls shall remain open during physical verification however the borrowing privileges may be suspended during this period.


  1. On receipt of a written request from the Librarian, the library committee shall recommend the case for weeding of outdated, worn-out and/or seriously damaged or mutilated books and other materials to the competent authority (the Vice Chancellor) for the write-off of such materials.
  2. The respective In-Charge/Librarian of each Library shall submit complete bibliographic details of all books/non-print materials damaged, and/or worn-out through fair wear and tear to the Chairman Library Committee after physical verification. The Librarian shall forward the report to the competent authority for write-off action.
  3. Losses to the extent of 3% per annum of the available stock in an open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.(this shall applicable on providing proper security measures by the University administration) 
  4. Losses to the extent of 2% per annum of the available collection of a close access or partially open access library shall be written off by the competent authority. .(this shall applicable on providing proper security measures by the University administration) 
  5. Losses written off by the competent authority shall be struck-off from the stock and the records of the concerned library, including public catalogues, and transferred to the withdrawal register indicating the authority under which the losses were written off.
  6. The permanent irrecoverable loans of mutilated, damaged and worn-out books found to be beyond repair(s) during the physical verification of the library shall also be reported to the competent authority for write-off.


  1. The security deposited under any of the foregoing regulations shall lapse to the University, if it remains unclaimed for a period of two years from the date on which a borrower ceases to be a member of the Library.
  2. The library reading halls shall remain open during the summer vacation; but the borrowing privileges shall remain suspended for the same period (clause 3). All books on loan with the members must irrespective of the due date, be returned to the library before the summer vacation.
  3. All members must without fail intimate, the Librarian of any change of address.
  4. Members and visitors, etc. shall keep their personal belongings such as books, files, bags, purses, etc. with the person on duty at the Reception Desk. No responsibility for the loss of cash, jewellery or watch, cell phone,lap top etc. shall be accepted by the library staff. All valuable items and belongings must be retained in personal custody. Members shall also be required to submit for inspection any book or object which they are carrying while leaving the library. Members must take their belongings before leaving the library.
  5. In case any personal reading material has to be taken from inside the library, permission must be sought from the Concerned Librarian. All reading material issued to a member shall be shown to the official at the exit point before leaving the Library.
  6. Members are required to check books etc. at the time of issue; and must draw the attention of the staff at the circulation desk to the defect/damage, if any, in the materials being issued. In case it is not pointed out at the time of issue, the member shall be responsible for any damage, detected subsequently.
  7. Library material borrowed by any member is subject to recall if needed by the library.
  8. No library material shall be taken away from the Library premises unless properly issued from circulation desk.
  9. Readers and members shall not damage, mark or write upon any book, periodicals, maps, manuscript, nor shall they trace or perform mechanical reproduction of any materials belonging to the library without written permission of the Librarian. Readers and members who violate this regulation shall be required to pay the fine imposed by the Librarian or to replace the damaged materials, or to pay its price as determined by the Librarian.
  10. The Librarian may, at his discretion, reduce or remit the delay or fine to be incurred by a borrower.
  11. The Librarian is authorized to withdraw library facilities from any member found misusing the library material or facilities.
  12. All members after reading must leave books on the table or on the book trolley and not to shelve the books.
  13. Theft of books and tearing of pages is a crime.
  14. Eating, sleeping, smoking, use of mobile phones and conversation within the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  15. Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff.
  16. For guidance regarding how to use the library, please contact the Librarians of the Central and departmental libraries.
  17. The Librarian is authorized to impose fine on any member found misusing of library materials/facilities or violating general library rules at the following rates:
    1. Rs.500/- on first time violation and Rs.1000/-on second time violation and then the Chief Librarian may withdraw library facilities from the member.


  1. Summer / Winter (Official timings are observed)
  2. The Vice Chancellor Government College University Faisalabad is authorized to make any change in timings which will be displayed on the Notice Board of the Library.
  3. An announcement is made 15 minutes before the service counter closes and again 15 minutes before the building closes.


A suggestion box is placed at the entrance of the library for suggestions, if any, for improving general/reading/facilities in the library or by e-mail at: